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Here are some facts about my person

That's me! birthday: March, 10th 1980 place of residence: Linz
interests: computers, basketball, music, movies, reading music: almost any kind of music from beastie boys to Eric Clapton (special interest: Soundtracks)
movies: Pulp Fiction, Ronin, Matrix, Alien, Die Hard, Scream, Wild Things, Face/Off, The Blairwitch Project books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams); stories by H.P.Lovecraft & E.A.Poe

Hi folks!

My name is Wolfgang Ziegler and I'm studying computer-science at the Johannes Kepler-University in Linz, Austria. This page contains informtion about topics that are of special interest to me. You can also find a sampling of links concerning scientific topics as well as entertainment stuff.

I know that this homepage is not really state-of-the-art, but this is due to the simple reason that it had to be built in a short time, because designing a homepage was one of the tasks in my courses.
Of, course I am not satisfied with this result and I am going to improve the design and the quality of the contents within the next few weeks. Therefore, it's worth remembering this URL because it will soon provide useful information for those of you, who are interested in Java, programming and scientific topics in general.

A sampling of interesting links

Computer & Internet related topics

Genetics and Micro-Biology

Various Stuff


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